What Are Assurance Calls?

Assurance calls are an option for seniors to remain independent in their homes longer and to provide their families with peace of mind. It’s an affordable way to have a qualified senior care provider on your care team, ensuring that your loved one is safe without having to bring in costly in-home care.

Many seniors can be resistant to having outside help coming into their homes, and frankly, they may not need it. Assurance calls are unobtrusive and low impact and can be a great bridge between care options. And if you’re the primary caregiver of your loved one, assurance calls can help supplement your efforts and relieve some of the stress you’re experiencing.

Assurance calls can serve a variety of purposes, from reminders to companionship. We can customize a plan that addresses your specific needs. Learn more about the most common types of assurance calls:

Assurance Calls & Daily Check-Ins


It’s always good to know someone has your well-being in mind. We will schedule a time convenient for you, to call and make sure you are okay. If no one answers, we will reach out to your designated contact to address any issues.

Appointment Reminders

Appointment Reminders

Whether it’s a doctor’s appointment, lunch with friends, or reminders about meals and activities, we’ll set up a call with a reminder so you are sure to be on time, every time. Wake-up calls can also be arranged.



Loneliness is a common issue with seniors and can even lead to health declines. Hearing a friendly voice on the phone and knowing someone cares can make a huge difference in a senior’s life!

Additional Services

In addition to the calls we make, we also want to make sure you as the family caregiver have the peace of mind you’re looking for. That’s why we send a text message after contact has been made. We follow that up with a weekly call report that keeps you up to date and better able to track changes in health.

How can we give you peace of mind?